Oct 25, 2009

Marionette or puppet?

Reporting from Prague to answer this important question... a "marionette" is a string-puppet.
Puppetry is part of the Czech culture and many shops can be found in Prague selling these fascinating creations or should I say creatures as they almost seem alive.
Amongst the various tourist shops that crowd the center of the old part of Prague, one shop in particular immediately stood out, "Trular Marionety", with an amazing collection of their own creations, and marionettes from other Czech puppet creators.
The shop owner was assembling the puppets below when I came in, sewing on an antique sewing machine the detailed costumes.

Halloween approaching I made friends with a witch.

Here is the remainder of her family. Kings, pirates and chefs, all with a distinct personality.

Finally a family of musician bugs right out of the cartoon for Roger Glover's "Love is All" (the Butterfly Ball):

For more information on the Marionety Truhlar marionette studio and their creations go to http://www.marionety.com/ they have 2 locations in Prague: U luzickeho sem. 5., Mala Strana, Prague 1 or Unglet Tyn 1, Marionety Truhlar, Stare Mesto, Prague 1
PS: they did a good job wrapping the witch & I made it to the airplane & back home with a complete marionette.

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