Sep 11, 2010

How to - Pencil Case / Tutorial - Trousse

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Picture #1: Supplies
- Use 2 pieces of left-over fabric (10x12 inches for this project)
- 10 inches zipper
- A fun patch to decorate
Picture #2: Sewing of the zipper on one of the 10 inches side
- Lining fabric right side up
- Zipper right side up
- Outside fabric wrong side up
- See next picture #3 to see how this should look
Picture #3: Sewing of one edge
- Sew at 1/4 of an inch of the edge
Picture #4: 
- Turn the fabric around & iron the first edge
Picture #1: Sewing of the other edge
- Sew the other edge at 1/4 of an inch of the edge
- Do not forget to leave the zipper half open
Picture #2: Sewing of the other sides
- Sew each side
- Do not forget to leave a 2 inch opening in the lining ("Ouverture" on the picture)
Picture #3:
- Pull the project through the 2 inch opening to see the right side of the fabric
- Close the 2 inch opening
Picture #4: the result!
- Finally put the lining inside through the open zipper (now you know why this had to be open!)
Here is is! I hope Luca will enjoy this.

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  1. thanks for the tutorial and my girl likes her pencil case so much!!!!